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Expanding your business into China is the right time now because there is probably nowhere on the globe growing as hot as China, but how since you even don't know its language, culture, either its unique internet network. Don't worry I am here for you. I’ve helped thousands of companies and individuals to cash from online China for the past 19 years.

I am based out of China and USA, am dedicated in internet marketing technoly for nearly 19 years. My offers are for the whole English internet network it looks the website provides China marketing though. Why I set up so is merely because I am particularly excellent in markeing on China network.

Any work under client's order is done by me myself and some works would completed by my son. So this is a family based org similar a father&son company.

In most time I stay in China. So be careful the time difference if you want to call me. I used to receive calls in the bed when I was sleeping, in the dream:) It's not a good thing to come back from the dream by a ringing.

I've helped thousands of websites and companies for marketing China, for instance http://www.germany.travel that is the offical site of German Toursim Department. It has been ranking the main keyword "travel germany"(德国旅游) on top 1-3 on China search engine Baidu for 3 years since I was done it 3 years back. Actually it was the first time for the search engine Baidu to even know .travel is also a top level domain, not mention ranking. It is me that made the things changed.

I also helpd a number of company's websites in UK, in Cyprus and in USA to rank their keywords on Baidu, e.g., http://chinacyprusconnection.com from Cyprus, http://eduace.org from Aermica...Very very big number on the list.

Feel free to work with me, I will definitely promote your business to another level.