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Who's This Guy?


It's a big offer for you. The most exciting good news is it is not expensive though. Not as those guys they sell this kind of stuff expensive becase they are not real source data digger. Possiblely they bought a list from me and then make a website or webpage to resell to you.

I call myself Your Targeted Emial List Finder and people also call me so. I like this brand name in profession. I‘ve been working in email list for a decade, a few can stay in this field for such a long time.



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How the List Is

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The list is pure text format, one email per line. The pure plain text can fit for any software and it's also easy to use for mannually send one by one.

I also include 7 bulk email sending software within the package free. So you can pick up of one of the software to send to the list or mannually send as you like.

However most people prefer a sheet-like email list with extra information around the email such as first name, last name, gender, age, or phone number, phsical address.

No problem for the detailed information and much more is I don't privde you a DRY sheet in .xls file. What I provide is much better and richer than a simple dry sheet.

I will provide you, as I call it, background data in much rich style. Around an email there are docs, text, ppt, pdf, html, xls, csv files you may query. Which are big files. Too big to be transfer to you. So I just distribte in hundreds and thousands of links for you do download.

Don't worry you need not to have a hard work to download it one by one for that big amount. I also included a buld download software. You just need to click the software and those files start downloding. You take a cup of coffee. When you back, files are there.

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For More Offers


In case you need other kind of email list, just let me know. I work out any targeted email list, targeted location or targeted sector.

For location the accuracy can be narrowed to a village, a street, a community rather than a city or country.

If you want to a targeted small location such as above or the kind, just let me know. I will work out you your targeted email list in about 1 day.

Related to this salespage, there is another list Email List London you can get if you want. Or if you want to more for county email list, please visit my contry email list offer.




Your Targeted Customer Email List FinderIf any question simply shoot me an email. This is my personal email address Sure no auto reply, no that kind of things at all. When I received your email I will reply you soon and warmly.


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P.S. - This offer will be removed in the very near future, so get it before it's gone...


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