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Yan S. London Email List Package    

I am email marketing source data provider professional. I dig out email list for sales and this one is one of lists. I‘ve ben dedicated in this sector for 7 years. Everyday when I got up from the bed I start digging for emails. Personally my name is Yan, people call me Yan or Yanos. But for profession, people call me the next-morning Google Ranker in SEO field and Your Customer Email List Finder in email marketing.



I've never been to London, actually I even never been any country outside of China, however it is not the point about the email list London because I am online before a PC connected to the internet. And the internet, as one of the USA scientists calls it, is no more than a village. I collected this London Email List Package surely not in a way that I've been London and knocked at everyone's door I met and asked them to give me his/her email address. Not that way at all.


I just accessed to London with my PC via the inerent to find out and collected people's email addresses there. It's totally a technical work and it needs hard works, sweat and dedication and time too. Nothing is easy for me to make some income, never been easy. And this Email List London Citizens goes the same way, the same condition.

Life is short, money too. No time to wait, rank my keywords at once, I shall see the ranking tomorrow morning.



Sources of The Email List


Some email come from offices, those offices behind a door here and there on this and that street within the great London. There are surly all kinds of offices, company's, hotel's, org's, school's, college's, etc., Some come from home users, actually everyone is sometimes everyday is a home user, whatever he/she is in the working day time, he must be home in the evening and become a home user with his/her PC, Ipad, mobile phone or any other device.

People write, make comment, post on blog, send and recive emails in both daily life and works. They write with MS text, MS word, PPT, Pdf, Notepad Plus, they write with xls fruquently in their office, they make video using their mobile phone, they gather in forum to talk some topics. Email is put there for contact. I collected those email addresses.

Sure I need not bodily be there in London to do this kind of works.

In my office here is enough to do it:)

So there are complex sources including all kinds of file formats. However don't worry, I will not deliver you files in hundreds of formats. That must offend you:)





Not Even .XLS Package
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I even do not deliver you .xls sheet files. This formatg is known for big size file. For these more than 5 million emails, if in .xls format it would take about 1.3 GB.

At this size it is not a problem for you to recieve, but what I care more is acutally I am fooling you in some way. What do you use for having a list of first name, last name, gender and age with the email? Do you think you call one's name when you send him/her email for your offer(s) they would be delighted for you EVEN call his/her NAME and start purchasing your offers without haste? Do you think one becomes excited for some one who is unkown to him/her calls his/her name? How about just say hi in the email head?

The fact is Email response has nothing to do if the sender call the receiver name. In email marketing, the only key is your if your offer is interented to the receiver.

This is why any insider in email marketing field always want ONLY pure text email list, in .txt format, one email per line. Which is the best format for any seasoned email marketer.

  I Provide You Pure Txt Email List

The following is a sample of the email list format that I will deliver you.

text format list

Don't think in a wrong way that this is too simple to be used for market your products to the list. As I said above for seasoned guys in the field it's enough and enough. But on the exactly contrary amlost every newbie prefer a complex list with first name, last name, gender, age, maybe phone number or phsical address plus, a .xls file. The real fact is those information besides email address is nothing but the redundant, useless redundant. The Only use is to let your heart delighted a while when you received the delivery. Fits better your eyes and mind. People are often fooled by their eyes and minds. And soon you will find you actully never use those redundant after sent about a couple of emails or several hundreds. You soon find it's so funny to let you know the first name, last name, gender, phone number, phsical address, etc. You actually need not those at all for bulk email sending!


Owners Behind The Emails

I am not saying it's a person not bot, nor live email that are acutally using by someone. I sometimes call the list City Email London, Eamil List London or Email List London Citizens. It's not that very exact. The word citizens should be dwellers,habitant,inhabitant,occupier,resident occupier who live or work in London, not the people who has citizenship ID in London.

Then you will not feel strange when you see some email even has a japan or a Canada postfix .ca. That's just a japanese person or a Canada lady who may work in London or live in London all years along.

Maybe he/she is back his/her hometown county once a year or two years for a couple of days short time like a travelling holiday. He just use his/her old email ever signed up years before in his/her hometown. But actaully his/her body phsically keep stay in London city as his/her basic location.

Email Owners London



Much More Than A Dried XLS List

Besides the main files, the email list in text format, I also deliver you the whole background data around the email. So that you can even read a whole story of who is the email owner. What's he/she behind an email.

This personal story behind an email is one thousands and one richer than just a firt name, last name, gender and age xls sheet listed format.

If you are interested in a rich story behind an email, just read it.

What this stories? It's not a profile edited by me nor a couple of words comments to an email owner. It's totally organic, orignal materials that created by the email owners themselves in all kinds of types. Some may sent an email to his freinds, then the email contents collected by me as this email owner's background. Some may wrote a MS word file to his boss and his email is attached in the file. Some may edit and send a list of work sheet to his co-workers and his email is attached in that file. Some may wrote a letter to her mother using his text in the PC and an email at the end of the contents, an unlimited conditions for unlimited rich stories you can read.

You simply download the email background data package with my software within the package delivered to you, and you can read those email stories. However it is not recommened to read those because it takes your time and also the downloading takes time as the files are very very big, the sise as big 56 GB.

  Email List London  







Main Background Data Formats Are


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.txt file

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7 Bulk Email Sending Software Free

I am not sure how for you to use it. Each may have different way or purpose. In case you just want to market your products or services in London, send email to the list. You may also take it as a ad method to push your ad to the list.

There are many bulk email sending program you can get free.

Also within the package I attached 7 major email sending programs for you free.

If you pick up some of email or even the all to send email manually you can use gmail BCC function that allows you to send 1000 emails every time, however it is limited per day.


Instant Download

You will get instant download after payment. If the Paypal auto downloading feature dose not work for you, please shoot me an email after your payment at It is my personal email I read and reply cleints everday, no bot reply. Every single word will be written by me. Feel 100% free.

I will manually deliver you just in the email via replying you.


city email london and afar

It's the Biggest List Ever
100% Fresh First-hand Data

Afar from dried xls list, afar from an old spam list, it is a list on which every email is fresh, it is dug out by me.

Every single email can be verified online

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check  Go to and search that email you want to verify and you will find it.


So this is a far crying from a list you can get anywhere others.

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Your Own Targeted Email List


  Your Customers Email List Finder  

Besides this already existed email list, you can also place an order for your own target email list. There are two types, one is based on location and the other is based on niche. For location based email list you simply tell me what phsical location you want to target, a city, a county, an area, a street, a commnuity...That's enough. For niche based email you simply tell me what your niche keyword is. Then I will work out your own target email list.

The location based list can be as narrow as even a vlillage, a street or a community on the whole world, tell me the phsical address if it is a village or a street. I will dig out most of their email users.

But for profession, people call me the next-morning Google Ranker in SEO field and Your Customer Email List Finder in email marketing.

I didn't include an order Payment in this salespage for you to place order for your own targeted email list. However you can also order it via shooting an email to my personal email address, and I will reply you with a payment for you in the email.

The pricing to order your own target customer email list is $73 for 380,000 emails.


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You are free to contact me via my email, it is my personal email address below. You can shoot an email to me right now and I will reply you any question of this Email List London. Sure I am 100% person rather than those company's auto reply bot email. You can't receive a single word auto reply. Actually I hate that kind! I consider it is an offend to client.


To your success,


Yan Lee

Yes. Life is short, money is short too. We have no time to wait!

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