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300,000 Blog Posting

300,000 blog posting


Suppose you know or know not a blogger must read every post posted by users on his/her blog so as to decide to approve the post to be published on his/her blog or just delete it.

Which means whatever the blogger likes or dislikes it or intends to have it published or just delete it, the blogger must first read the post.

So if I come to a blog page to make a post there, filling in with name, e-mail, website, writing some contents in the box and click "Send", my posted content with my name, e-mail and website are sent to the blogger for approval to be published after the blogger read in the dashboard.

Let's focus on the point: Every blogger must read every post posted by users on his blog, even care not if he/she approve for publication for the post.

So when I access to an article on a blog page where I can leave my comment as typically as the following screenshot:

wordpress blog posting sample


where I may make comment to the article or leave my message of anything there, a simple appreciation comment or any word.

Any blog posting box is allowed to post content with link. Therefore I can make a link for your website, money page, product page, landing page or anything you want to me to link to.

Also the link can be naked link or anchor text link. For the latter one a keyword link is generated and user can click the keyword to be forwarded to your site or product page.

I type the content in the content box, filled in user name, website, e-mail and typed the content, then click send to send my post to the webmaster's dashboard for him/her to read, check and approve.

The purpose of design of blog posting is for webmaster (blogger) to publish user's comment on his blog. However as we know not every post can be approved to be published. If the blog owner approved it, it is published on that site for more readings by readers. But if not, your post would be deleted after one reader read, that is the blogger owner or the webmaster himself/herself.

What this gig's point is I focus on the amount, the big amount of posting. Provided no a single post of mine is approved by any blog owner you can still get a big number of reading by the blogger themselves. Say you order the gig of 300,000 blog posts, even if no one will be publish, you can still get 300,000 readers.

In any case there is on that chance there is no one post published. The fact is the approval rate is generally 10%, e.g., for 300,000 blog posting 30,000 will be published sooner or later.

Suppose a blog page is read by 100 readers on average, for the 30,000 approved comments 3 million readers will read your comment. So the total visitors for your comment for the 300,000 blog posting gig are 300,000 plus 3 million, 3.3 million in total. Right?

That's the fact and, that's my practice. You can get it from me right now here as follows:


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