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Direct Sales from Youtube Video

It is not a secret to make good use of Youtube video for those who have already tested the sweetness of this special video-marketing, but it still a secret for most of online marketers who know not much about how to make use of Youtube video..

Why Youtube video is excellent for sales promotion is because this website has particularly high authority as Google's own product so it's easy to rank high competitive keyword(s) on Google. People are easy to find the videos when querying keyword on Google search bar.

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Yet, in most cases each lucrative keyword is a high competitive keyword on the internet and has other guys, companies, individuals in the same niche who have also uploaded videos on Youtube. According to Youtube algorithm, the video that has more views would rank better on Youtube and the one that has the highest view number would rank the first.

The better rank on Youtibe, the better rank on Google.

View volume is almost the ONLY ONE factor for ranking on Youtube. But how?

This gig is set up for boosting your Youtube video ranking by sending your video real human visitors to watch it through e-mail sending. Each user who will visit your video is from clicking in their e-mail box, which is a far cry from any other providers who just use robot fake view and is very very danger to send your Youtube account to the jail, you even have no chance to unlock it, not mention to rank your video!

Also in most cases, these kind of visitors who will view your Yourube video are your potential buyers for your offer. They are interested in your offer. This is why they click the link in their e-mail box to come to your video to watch it. Which means you will get not only visitors but also target customers. Some may be directly the buyers after watched your video and some will be very easy to turn to your buyers sooner or later.

You may figure out how many visitors you need to order so as to rank top 1 on Youtube. Just type your keyword on Youtube search bar and then have a look at the view volume of the video that ranks top 1. Make your view volume a little bigger than the top 1 and that's it. For instance, the view volume of top 1 ranked video is 2133, you place an order for 2500 views to surpass it and you will take the place and replace it.

I am not only one guy who provide Youtube boosting, but I am the only one who provide Target Customer Views to your Youtube video on the internet. I can do so because I mostly focused on e-mail marketing and has billion of email list in each niche. Also for your work, I will first dig out an email list exactly in accordance with your keywords.

The rate is as follows:

200 visitors, $10 Order Now
1,000 visitors, $50 Order Now
2,000 visitors, $100 Order Now
3,000 visitors, $150 Order Now


4,000 visitors, $200 Order Now
5,000 visitors, $250 Order Now
6,000 visitors, $300 Order Now
7,000 visitors, $350 Order Now


8,000 visitors, $400 Order Now
9,000 visitors, $450 Order Now
10,000 visitors, $500 Order Now