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See for the sake of insurance, Moto didn't come out from the skylight, he chose to come downstairs steps to arrive at glass window the side sees defend to generate electricity building and keep MD from drilling underground passage, but by so doing, Yin heart Xuan silently voice passive of shunt with him, on the contrary arrive at a skylight.

The gun voice is one your work, Miller of infield is foolish don't live, laid up AWP to urgent support AN area to blow up a point.

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On the radar, Moto Steel of the detection down stairs unexpectedly hanged, his first reaction is the all of main force of the MD on the square, im and Morgan more stare at tight little Huang Fang and front door.

Know not a thing to this im and Morgan.

Front door place, six fly and monkey for covering the success of the Xuan of Yin heart to touch into, quickly jump down house roof to drill fight force with force with im and Morgan into the front door of open fight to the gun.

The gun voice is one your work, Miller of infield is foolish don't live, laid up AWP to urgent support AN area to blow up a point.

If the list sees HLTV, of the 3 Ds type, change, defend, support, the personal judgment and activity of contestant, this etc. is absolutely impeccable, very perfect of, even work to still do more perfectly than the S team.

The monkey first hurtles into front door, a come in drive Morgan split a cranium face a string of bullet beat the flesh and blood Be horizontal to fly.

By this time Yin heart Xuan already Shan skylight, A quick back Tong knife.

"Pa Pa Pa!Pa Pa Pa!"


MD|the ay kill a 3 Ds with gun|Morgan!

MD|the ay kill a 3 Ds with gun|im!

Little Huang Fang Bian lay two police's corpses.

Six fly, Ray, the Luo Dan Lun difference is from the front door, iron gate and Huang Fang in flowed out out.

Moto and Miller this just realizes MD cent into matches the shot AN area, the destination isn't square, 2 people start to hold guy blunt ladder up climb.

The situation with 3 Ds is a 2 V4s, but they still have an opportunity, to Miller this kind of day of king come to say, which fear a 1 V5 to also greatly probably turn over dish.

However this time, two extremely superior incredibly also drive Yin heart the Xuan gave Yin.

Is easy, the Yin heart Xuan successful doesn't be eager to coming out horizontal beam as well behind, but again send back skylight inside, backed a ladder back, she calms down very much, and also calculates quasi- Moto and Miller affirmation want to support from here.

Person at up ladder of time all face to a ladder, is not likely to carry on the back to go upstairs to the ladder.

Head Rmit to Come up From the Ladder Mountain Business Center 5

Mountain Business Center 5

So ……be Moto once 2 people's head emit to come up from the ladder, A from back vomit fire again.



MD|the ay kill a 3 Ds with gun|Moto!

MD|the ay kill a 3 Ds with gun|Miller!


"BooM!"Mix is too agitated to stand up and then shout right away.

"1 V5, whole field game the first 1 V5, from Korean book female the contestant ay attained."Zhu Zong has already give°ed own tie to hold wet.

"Yes!"All of Chris' fist insides are sweats, he really kneads a cold sweat for malicious the circumstance of this bureau.

"!"The moxa Lin waits a person all stand up start aside.

The whole field brought about to hugely drink colourful voice and war whoop for an instant, the voice greatly must let person's Wu ear.

This is absolutely fascinatingly incomparable one bureau, regardless is match and support, the team a work still personal hero doctrine no matter, the MD combined these chemical elements very perfectly and developed thoroughly.

Also only on total finals in the world, so as to see arrive so many CS essences, intelligence, match, add, technique, marksmanship and military tactics ……too many things are from this bureau in appear, this is the CS magic power, before the set backstage, wave Jue cloud Gui, the superior competes with each other, wiser invincible.


The Huo is rare wise to nod:"I also feel to win to have been not far."

Mountain Business Center 9

Mountain Business Center 9

In numerous war whoops, Vesslan doesn't a good half-day and never return to absolute being and sees his facial expression, also know drive MD this matches with to Be getting more shocked.

Ray and Luo Dan Lun draw on well;The monkey crest must be good;Six fly to cover well;And Yin heart the Xuan also handle to various detail by himself/herself have no words more to say, very of perfect, even connect the least bit actions of dragging along the Tas all have no.

This 1 V5 gave the great king vehemence with 3 Ds very deathblow, and the influence of the victory upon the whole map of this small bureau is also huge.

The score pulls now even, 2:2.

But the owners can understand, 3 Ds' connecting down what to face is endless endless of economy endure long hardship and pain and sufferings-have no money buy a gun, can ECO.

MD fifth bureau and resolute Rush square in the sixth bureau, bare hands of the 3 D was public don't turn over dish success, just bowl off MD three be all wrung the A to kill clean.

In fact MD Rush must also stand knowledge, six fly and Yin heart Xuan's putting be most before exploring breeze, because their 2 people responds quickly;Monkey and Luo Dan Lun act as the role of main rifleman, after all the rate of ining the clout of their 2 people is the highest;Finally let Ray to after breaking, because Ray not only the technique is superb, and experienced, understand profoundly and deeply to the 3 Ds, if ever the final phase in long time, the MD also stands in no fear of to fear to the 3 D hair violent wind, Ray all can with the firm secure processing.

3 Ds really drive MD at fourth bureau to beat how, this chariot is to don't get a goal or not, a get a goal is a big score leading, but don't throw cent nor throw a cent, a throw a cent is big to defeat.





France of in the battlefield, numerous people's creation in common in hopes of legend, the freshman of in hopes of myth.

"I ain't understand, why always valiant 3 Ds how the good elephant met a jinx, know six fly isn't the jinx with 3 Ds?"At the Xiaos all dare not believe be in the moment beaten by the MD 708 fall of troops incredibly is 3 Ds.

"Not, 3 Ds if this continues can't always of."The vision of moxa Lin falls on the Miller main angle of view, she believes the troops of 3 Ds the inside definitely also has the hero to belong to she, the person of this biggest hero possibility is a 3 Ds|Miller!

Chapter 136 top to definitely(eight)

Mountain Business Center 11

Mountain Business Center 11

Ninth bureau, at the end of one's rope 3 D Zan enough money, five people unified five rifles this time.

Pass by a series of sound out and go back and forth, MD again surprising recruit, "the S type hugs to kill" put out the three greatest superior-Morgans, im and Moto with 3 Ds of infield slope, then smooth descend arrive the infield covered up C4.

The situation with 3 Ds is 2 V5s, Miller and Steel distinguish from the passage support of CT district but go.

This is again a historic moment, MD one person didn't hang, Miller faced of opponent appearance:Six fly, monkey, Yin heart Xuan and Luo Dan Lun and Ray, this several personal nones aren't diva Wang's Classes in a skies extremely superior.

Mountain Business Center-2

Mountain Business Center-2

This is a can the 3 Ds protect the final phase of gun, but Miller didn't choose to withdraw.

If don't want to give him this kind of walk into death even can say into a suicide of behavior find out an another a to explain, that is the courage to add decision.

This a moment, Csers of the whole world all saw a different 3 Ds|Miller.

In addition to those days of kings have to of in addition to technique real strenght, still have the valuable quality that a kind of others have no on the Miller body, that is the iron will.

The step sends out in the slope steel plate of orotund everybody can hear, the Miller hand holds black M4 pathses to keep killing into infield.

The staff member who is responsible for running commentary seemed to be also to feel Miller, this strong murderous look and cut over the lord angle of view to in his body.

Miller descended behind the slope momentary to strain to go out behind from the left side steel plate.

The action with no surplus strains to go out very purely, even if the MD person knows that he wants to come out from here, but the Miller rapid reaction is in the extreme limit that this time comes to a mankind.



"Pa Pa!"

The M4 rings earlier than the A.


3 Ds|Miller kill MD with gun|iller!

From slope doorway to air duct, this is super long-distance to leave of ordering and shooting the moment exploded Luo Dan Lun, if be not personally see, cut off difficult believe that this kind of opens fire speed.

The gun fire of M4 doesn't put out, at exploded Luo Dan Lun of at the same time, M4 lightning flash sort of under pull, open to catch fire next pull, this is absolutely one category cheat the speed of machine, even if gun with pulling of monkey the big method compare, also win quite a few more to raise.


Rebecca Bextel 2

3 Ds|Miller kill MD with gun|Ray!

"-" Whole field is shocking, Ray's turning Cape place in the left side of the ground is pulled to die, however this hasn't finished.

Open fire unexpectedly still enough dint of medium M4 to rightwards pull.


3 Ds|Miller kill MD with gun|ay!

"L" of a big scope type trajectory, in less than a second time, Miller with lend personal dint put out the MD is three greatest superiors, probably this is in the world also only he just own this etc. personal real strenght.

"Is this still a person?"Zhu Zong's gape.

Mix completely could not say words.

After Miller finishes doing all these, Steel has already kept on jumping and touches to blow up the dynamoelectric door of ordering the left side.

"Ca" of a , the door opened.

Rebecca Bextel 3

Rebecca Bextel 3

Conceal in the downwards taking aim of the monkey instinct in the passage, the quasi- heart jilts a half he discovers an underneath no man, C4 still just the Shan is red light, the superior's intuition tells himself/herself:Glass room bearer.

The monkey urgent returns to pull gun muzzle, Miller indeed as expected at passage opposite, whole body black dress as if ghostly.

"The Pa Pa Pa Pa!"

AN and M4 one Shan the gun fire of one Shan reflect bright dark underground passage.

The monkey presses a gun and pulls guns all invulnerable, but Miller M4 bullet as if a sharp knife, the first knife wored into from his between the eyebrows, blood hurricane.

"Burst Chi!"

Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center 7


3 Ds|Miller kill MD with gun|So!

"Already 1 V4."The Mix uprising wildly roars, " BooM, BooM-!"

The nail of left side passage pulled out, so very obvious, six fly definitely the Yin write and separate a door to see defend C4 in the right side passage.

"Hua" is a , Steel has already started dismantling thunder, energy pillar quick ascension.

Six fly certainly can't hesitate, his view inside, Steel is squating down to be devoted to wildly dismantle over there, even if across a dynamoelectric door, that voice still clear can argue.

"The Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!"The A quickly vomits fire.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center 8

"Burst, burst, burst, burst!"Steel HP rapid decrease.

100, 87, 62, 50, 34, 29 ……

Jenny feels that the hearts all leaped a throat eye, the Alice had already got ready acclaim.

But will be worn right away in Steel dead of time, six fly of view of just under, a dark shadow is from the sky but decline, held up the bullet of shotting into Steel.

"Is Miller!"Mix shouts oneslef hoarse.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center building

Is a contemporary to most have the two greatest stars of artistic talent this time the compete of for the first time positive dialogue, Miller with six the Hps flying be all quickly and wildly dropping, two people's rifles all kill sharp weapon.

However the milli- hair has no Sun of six flew to have advantage.

After, 2 seconds"burst Chi" is a , only HP Miller lies prone on the ground at 54:00, the M4 also lies on the part.

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Miller!Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center front desl

But at this time, "Mao Ca" is 1.



Miller uses the Qu of his/her own flesh and blood won an end for Steel of precious dismantle thunder of time, close behind Steel also drive six fly to kill, blew up to order surroundings corpse and weapon to lie a big slice of.

The 3 Ds was got hold of this precious penny with the corpse of blood and owner.

In this a moment, Miller's winning a whole field even is the applause that mountain in the whole world shouts tidal wave, even Chris all to this crary sky of king but from the heartly feel respect and admire.

MD this bureau is to lose, but the Alice waits a person or stands up to make an effort of applause for Miller, not is his hero performance but drink colourful, is he this kind of Jing steel general of will, this kind of courage that go through fire and water but touched.

"He is a real CS contestant, also have a clear conscience to a real superior, please use the applause drinks for the hero with 3 Ds colourful."What Zhu Zong felt attracted says, the applause of whole field kept on quite a few for ten seconds.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center gulf

Is probably this the extraordinarily brave performance of ninth Miller in the bureau stired up the 3 D whole brigade person's will to fight, tenth bureau of time, people expect already a long time of"super match the second person change body" circumstance finally appeared on 3 D.

This status massively erupts still not only Miller a , also have that marksmanship and military tactics and have of"connect kill bedlamite" Moto.

Once the tenth bureau enter infield, Miller and Moto finished throwing to flash simply direct Rush of hand thunder and certainly had to guard against to this MD, however monkey and Yin heart Xuan really defends not to live.

Because 3 Ds this bureau clearly rich, but Moto bought a sand eagle, this opened sand eagle in the sky and totally two guns, these two guns beat the head of monkey and Yin heart Xuan directly flat.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center hall

Yes and regardless who run into this kind of status, the military tactics is again very also useless.

The marksmanship that says other brigades is each gun to see blood you probably don't believe, but say 3 Ds only on breaking out, the gun gun explodes a head that the nobody will doubt.

Moto robbed the AN of monkey to quickly round B area to enter an outfield, while Miller directly copy MD back route, the others with 3 Ds also ate aphrodisiac this time not and desperately to square blunt, a group of persons jump and beat in the felling deep-fried and blunt, completely is breeze book vehemence that destroys cloud.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center hose

3 Ds with 3 change 5, MD tenth bureau drive round the Jian is in the square of red box of turn Cape of place.

11th bureau, 3 Ds incredibly whole line Rush, square, infield, Huang Fang and iron gate, four lines momentary takes the offensive together.

"The MD isn't to can not hold up against, but the vehemence kept on weakening."Vesslan sees eyes hair keep, " now regardless is who, even if is a whole star brigade in world, meeting a 3 Ds this kind of status is to seek a dead."Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center map

Element also saw silly, the person with 3 Ds all indeed as expected was the devil that loves blood.





3 Ds incredibly also at 1.1:00 of pulled score back.

"Six at stem what ah, how be like to get sick open fire to have no dint?Beat quickly and quickly."The Alice is getting more hasty, first half field the score advantage that is very not easy to build up three times two times drive 3 Ds to break to drop.

Chris' complexion serious way:"Be not six they don't deliver a violent wind, but now the 3 Ds living too much fierce, under this circumstance basic no one can match, with it hard put together, rather avoid for a while, avert from their sharp points."

"Oh, BE?"The facial expression of the Alice is still matchless and anxious.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center park

The MD walks very easily to today, if in the end of the hat second prize battle out war up fail when success is within reach, that perhaps is six fly the regret in lifetime.

"Chinese!Chinese!Chinese!"The whole field rang this voice again.

However this voice arrives also useless at this time, the score of first half field settles a space to 6-6 even.

By this time the plate umpire has already pressed half time red light, signal hint the rest opinion of both parties' captain and leader of a group.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center Place

Six fly to know this inside vital part with Chris certainly, the ability delay drags along as far as possible, if let 3 Ds at in the field take a rest, this kind of status is continuously not how long, Chris hurriedly hurtles to appear on stage to tell assize:"30 minutes!"

But this time 3 D there of Jenny also walked to come up:"Oppose, endlessly interest!The second half field of direct beginning's end!"

", They too craftiness, this is unfair, this is unfair!"Alice Rang Rang get up.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center road

MD several individuals also in every aspect and mutually Qu, Yin heart Xuan and Luo Dan the Lun and monkey start whispering and take to have a slight dissatisfied color on everybody's face, Ray is also a bit angry.

3 Ds is this to a little bit play to depend on?

"Don't put blame on, sit properly."Six fly heart to know that this time must not have emotion.

This kind of game medium field rest system, that really wants both parties to reach a consistent opinion, plate umpire just can agree, but the 3 D different idea also includes their own reason now, this reason be"strike while iron is hot."

"GoON!(continue)"Six fly to signal hint a lord to cut.

"Are you certain?"Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center seashore

Six fly slow-moving but again firm of ordered to nod, flash across in eyes one silk cold long grass:"Is certain!"

"O, the game continues and asks both parties' contestant to change a side."The plate umpire shouts a way.

The sub-title that started appearing to break again in server.

Chapter 137 top to definitely(nine)Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center team

Decisiving battle of end, no one can know what affair the last half time will take place.

3 D madness, thoroughly crary.

The nuclear energy generates electricity to stand up, MD many what polices dealt with weren't 1 flock to deliver crazy bandit, but be matching a flock of kill is red eye of devil.

Explode a head!Explode a head!Still keep exploding a head!Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center tower 2

On coming out for the Rush square, on seeing a person kill for second, at the sight of police unbearable hug up to chew corpse like blood-sucking vampire.

This is the real real strenght with 3 Ds, this is invincible chariot in the Hao door, the whole world's most terrible troops, any strategic military tactics basically has no a function to them.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center warehouse

This time, each audience in the world sees dumbstruckly:This which is what compete, this is comparing homicide.

Pistol bureau in 35 time in end, 3 Ds this kind of extraordinarily brave status allows who can not impede.

This bureau ends of time, even the Yin heart of mental character always super stability the Xuan all felt a kind of shocking, a kind of heart defense line drive the felling for moving.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center

Under field, Alice and moxa Lin, Vesslan and Potti these people all feel at heart one the earthquake shake again:If 3 Ds this kind of status can maintain this year for a year and tries to ask nowadays world, who still their opponent?They have already been getting more invincible.

"Probably, probably the MD can walk to this one step and have already arrived extreme limit."The Huo is rare to is wise to comfort himself/herself like this.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center1

"Do not get hold of a champion not, isn't the best forever."Eyes of grillage still tightly stare at a screen, he still waits for and waits for a miracle creation.

Six fly is at AN area small iron gate the side be been empty by Morgan to explode, Morgan did an affair that makes oneself regret the whole life to come out this time.

The 3 Ds clearly has already obtained the victory of pistol bureau, but the small time inside in bureau of brief be over is probably Morgan in the game of front drive six the number of times flying to kill are too many, he in the corpse that the sand eagle on the he's hand throw six to fly, and still just corpse up spray a diagram.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center-image

This looks like not intentional of raise, but immediately stir up the huge excited and bitter voice of the MD cellophane noodles, Chris puts forward a protest to the assize seat right away.

Yes, 3 Ds these American contestant extremely conceiteds are arrogant, unmanned in the eyes, they are to have proundhearted capital, but your Morgan is a 3 D the captain should not do small action like this, either, ignore you are to have intention to or have no intention of, this is to opponent of not respect, is lowly an occupation contestant character performance.

But whatter a mess was a few plate umpires to move don't respond, the game continues to carry on.

"Oh-!"The audience of lord assembly hall is a burst of to create a big noise.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center-image-2

Six flew to suddenly raise a head, the dispassion in the eye with deep have already disappeared, what to replace is one fury.

He has never cut up rough in the game, he also knows this kind of key time, and cutting up rough not only can ruin oneself as well as ruin whole brigadeses.

But, if this game lost like this, this humiliation Lao was in his[one] hereafter very long life.

Cut up rough!

Only cut up rough, only cutting up rough can make people break out.

Second bureau, six flew to buy a silver white very clear sand eagle, then, he has already done one to let audience in the whole world go in for of becoming mad of affair- alone a personal blunt square Rush.

3 Ds this bureau is 5 make the AN offending the square once again strong.Rebecca Bextel Mountain Business Center-image-3

The 1 V5 doesn't say that and still a sand eagle VS is five As.


The sand eagle rings first and rang an after follow connect rang a quite a few voice.

"Bang bang bang!"




MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|im!

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Moto!

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Steel!

The red mountain stone of the square side, 2 second time fly to go out three corpses.Rebecca Bextel

Whole field dead general of calmness, six fly of still leave two bullets in barrel of gun, have already too late changed bullet, because Miller and Morgan have already repaired to come up.

"The Pa Pa Pa Pa!"


Gun voice interleave, play fire to float in the sky.rebecca mount business

1 HP.

Only have 1 HP.

The last blood.



MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Morgan!

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Miller!


Don't talk, no one shouted.rebecca-profile

The owners are all silly, include two announcers all silly.

Because this has already outrun people's comprehension scope, once the situation become to change again, one inside country contestant, incredibly with an explode sand eagle to deliver crazy the 3 D whole brigade of person's horse.

"I don't believe that I don't believe ……but I have to believe."Mix mumblingly reads, then runs out whole body energy to shout at top of voice, "BooM …………"

After, three seconds applause and Hao of whole field called to flood lord all spaces of the assembly hall.

But this hasn't finished, this is just a beginning.

Third beginning in the bureau, six fly of hand up have already had a rob to come over of A, after opening a bureau he again Rush.

Isn't square this time, but small iron gate.rebeccataffic

On turning into AN area front door, change out a smoke thunder right away, runs while throwing, the smoke thunder hits on the small iron gate, the iron gate"Zhi ah" one opened, and this is a small technique.

Then, six the A flying Be bright to come out, open fire.

"Pa Pa, Pa Pa Pa!"

The A rings not hasty Zao, have much of regulation, have much of rhythm.

The bullet beat in to go from the iron gate, from the blind side of two walls that very narrowness in fly to, end, front two guns wore incoming wall in the small door at the bandit up, empress three guns order around the corner.rebecca-tool



MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Morgan!

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Steel!

The Mix chinses all soon dropped down, Chris also"Yes" didn't come out, moxa Lin a few female kids are complete Meng.

This is the completely homicidal marksmanship, practical and effective.

Six fly to connect to kill 2 people don't stop over behind, still is dashing forward.

The moment hurtled into bandit small door, then rounded an outfield big way.

Miller 3 people have no gun, the sand eagle turns head to toghter open fire.

Six fly to lie down, don't lie down can not.

You are even if absolute being, you are also impossible in these three greatest superiors of together one there is way out under the shot.

Yes, six flew this bureau to hang, but at the time that he hanged, 3 Ds also left Miller's last person.

Miller drags along time of finishing this bureau, the MD takes penny again.

Fourth bureau, six fly also crazily, an open a bureau to start to copy M4 and go toward small iron gate Rush.

"The bedlamite, the bedlamite, is all bedlamite.Also Zhu Zong starts roaring.

" Sell Ga-two help persons to all beat mental derangement."Mix shouts a way.

This 3 Ds in the bureau has been already guarded against, than six fly first the one step arrive little Huang Fang.

Little Huang Fang's small window way is always all good place that makes a surprise attack first, however regrettable 3 Ds this bureau still keep buying not to rise a long gun.

In this position, six fly again in a twinkling second killed Morgan and Steel!

Competed now, he decided to no longer reserve any real strenght, here is his satge, this 2002 ESWC master's invitational tournament is his a person's satge, he wants to let a 3 Ds and shows the person of the whole world, he six fly is what kind of contestant, he wants to let Morgan for own stupid behavior and pays miserably heavy of price.

This price be-dead!



Explode a head!Explode a head!Explode a head again!

Appear in public homicide, see the Buddha kill a Buddha and come to break, the feet come to feet to break, the head comes to explode lousy.

No one can describe this, also no one can describe the such Han Chang of the decisive battle of end sprinkles Li.

Because it completely is six fly a person's performance, six fly to break out, thoroughly break out.

Fourth bureau, fifth bureau, sixth bureau, whether the 3 Ds has a gun to have no gun or not, a person is still several individuals, Rush still strong offend, six fly have been being hurtling, completed the 1 V4、1 V3、1 V3.

The announcer is getting more shocked, the S person is getting more shocked, the eoL person is getting more shocked, the person with 3 Ds is getting more shocked, and Cser of the whole world is getting more shocked.

MD completely with six fly personal super strong hero doctrine makes score 5:1, the 3 Ds has already sunk into place of doom.

Isn't a 3 Ds keep on being pressed, the 3 Ds is also always fierce, but six fly more fierce.

Don't is the strongest, only have stronger.

Mix arrive now already BooM don't come out, he has already shouted voice Be getting more hoarse.

Zhu Zong also has no again intense emotion explain, he is all over all shivering now, even take the hands of words tube all is shivering, because he knows, probably again lead three minutes, new generation myth six fly and then will be born.

People are unique now can do of is a quiet mind to wait for.

Seventh bureau, all of both parties are in full battle arrays.

The 3 Ds didn't dare to hurtle, these people already drive six fly to beat afraid.

Six fly also have no again blunt, he also feels to a little bit lack the ability to do.

This game, brought people too many of accident, original who also think that the affair of impossible occurrence all takes place now.

MD this bureau is standard 3-2, the all gathering of a 3 Ds still a habitual toghter starts out.

Time about passed by 1 divide the time of many clocks, 3 Ds suddenly with 3 Huang the building is 2 of of type, even with extremely sudden and swift power a hug but.

Horizontal beam and Ray and the Luo of the skylight Dan Lun for an instant be beaten to drop down.

Competed this time, already the nonentity face to face strafed these parlances, both parties' member of team only on seeing the other party true body, isn't your dead is my Wu.

Ray and the Luo Dan Lun death of for an instant, six fly of gun ring.rebecca-tower




The voice of this kind of plug-in lets an audience all listen to Be getting more benumbed.

But this time ……

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Morgan!

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Moto!

MD|the L kill a 3 Ds with gun|Steel!

The assembly hall is still very quiet, not because is nervous, but is this string of to connect to kill is six fly on the B area slope to hurtle little Huang Fang long-distance leave to separate a wall to wear.

As for what consciousness marksmanship these have been no longer important, six fly of wear to shoot and judge absolutely is Zhang Mo Shou, the just as you please 3 Ds again how struggle also useless.

Small iron gate Miller and im of the side once hid this to rob.

Want ~only to these two personal opportunities is also a calamity to MD.

The doormat monkey is to hang here.rebecca-twin

The game got into a very and peculiar phenomenon, Miller and im later on slow-moving of ambulation step, also not the Jian C4.

Once the beginning see this is a very stupid affair, but careful on thinking, in fact these two personal cleverness, know two people whom the voice of the Jian C4 may disturb MD very much to finally leave here.

"Whenever the MD leaves of end 2 people don't care that who they are greatly is probably the hero of end."

This sentence has already become laws.

Words right, but this time six fly and Yin heart the Xuan separately act.

The Yin heart Xuan suffered im in the front door, the im HP was few, very easy drive Yin heart Xuan fee dead, but blow up to order last Miller quick revenge for the im.

People were short of breath extreme limit.

1 V1, end of 1 V1.

Six fly 100:00 HP, Miller also milli- hair have no Sun.

Two big top-class sky of kings to definitely, who is a true hero?

Chapter 138 smiles with tears


Absolute calmness!

The air has been already solidified and not only is an assembly hall concretion, but also generate electricity to stand the last air have been already solidified as well.

The Miller thinking turns very quickly:Now that Yin heart the Xuan appear in the front door, so six fly is definitely from the skylight and support since then, the reason is easy, six fly this kind of person, exciting again will also thought of the basic road son of general situation support, in other words, he isn't between the cup and the lip to make low class of mistake.

Fact circumstance to six fly very disadvantageous, Miller throws small pistol on the ground, then walks to come forward Jian to rise, let six fly to mistake the C4 is risen by the Jian, this small trick has never cheated to land to fly, six fly still foolish don't come out in the skylight.

Miller suddenly sent back little Huang Fang.

The condition has no of variety, two good elephants to superior hibernated, but the audiences in the as in all have 1 kind to feel, both parties are matching wits to match strength, in the quiet Mi air 2 people's thinking good elephant all at invisibly violent resist.

Miller waits six to fly out at the etc., he isn't afraid of six to fly to slip away, he and six fly is the same person, they heart Gao, they spirit Ao, they don't kill light the other party, they the Shi don't back to walk.

Six fly also in etc., wait the opportunity for attacking, he also knows that Miller doesn't dare to slip away, this is the end opportunity with 3 Ds, if he dares to slip away, the champion is a MD of.

2 divide 34, six fly suddenly to strain to go out from the skylight.

All public a tight, then more tight-blow up point unexpectedly no one.

Six fly to carry the M4 is on the horizontal beam silently to left shift move, Miller only two positions can hide, on being the inside of little Huang Fang, but little Huang Fang window way side, six eyes flying Be similar to be sweeping to see to the radar.

Don't know as well whether is too nervous, six fly on the horizontal beam to walk to half of time, the M4 cuts over again sand eagle, see this small action, isn't an audience heart is jumping, but Csers that the whole world counts to must account all feel that the heart exploded quickly.

So dangerous time, he unexpectedly dares to also change a gun.

The crevice ground of of little Huang Fang window and small iron gate slowly appears at six fly view in, then he soon saw clear, this place no one.

That a moment, six fly to finally know that oneself ascended big be, fiercely drop to turn gun muzzle.


Is too late!

Miller already Shan little Huang Fang, he is waiting for this opportunity.

"Pa Pa Pa!"A spark Shan pain eyes of audience in the whole world.

The hearts of the audiences are all thoroughly cool, although this is just of anything that vanishes,everybody sees clearly, six the HP flying in a twinkling change into 1:00, Miller the first bullet the Liao is on his helmet, and the most darned of because the bullet huge elasticity pluses six to fly to turn round for an instant, six fly the whole individual to fall off down from the horizontal beam.

Miller already need not again open fire, six fly dead settle.

The horizontal beam falls off a ground to only have time for a second, numerous people's heart in this second in experienced to stimulate most in the life of fluctuate.

"Bang bang!"Sand eagle rang two gun dumb fire.

"Pa" of a , the screen right top Cape appeared dry skeleton sub-title, six fly to fall dead in the ground.

But, at by this time ……



"BooM …………" the first Mix reaction comes over and jumped up on Hao of the table of broadcasting studio call to open.

"I day ……" Zhu Zong Leng is being a whole field several noodles of ten thousand audiences, roaring an international announcer should not roar the words of .

Originally, the last 1 second time inside, six fly before falling onto ground of that for an instant, sand eagle end two gun air Miller in dozen, the last bullet is different from Miller so Liao in head, but actually true at of beat into from the bridge bone, wore deeply Miller the whole head.

Miller hanged, six fly to also fall dead in the ground, the owner is all death rays.

But six fly to compare Miller late and die so for 0. zero several seconds, the MD acquired the victory of this bureau.

Second half field score 6:1, whole field total score is 12:7, map total score is 2:0.

MD victory, the champion was born.

Whole field the light is big bright, the assembly hall seethed, and the whole the whole world also seethed.

Chris, Lyons and Alice disregards and then goes toward to compete on the stage blunt, it is utterly routed to compete set one, monkey and Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart Xuan and Ray kicked to turn over table wooden bench and embraced each other together and let go of of shout.

Mix BooM is in "BooM" after livelong minute finally because of spirit Jie but faint dead pass by.

The American star of the whole field ensign and the five planets red flag, and Korea of China too very ensign even become one, the reporters also broke out, the shutter flash light isn't desperately fierce to press.

If thunder sort in the sky is deep-fried ring of in the war whoop, under shining upon of numerous blue light, six fly to win that a moment to seem to be very quiet.

He quietly the station start and silently walk to game set side, sudden"plop" one knelt down.

In the surprised time for people, six fly Gao Ju Shuang's boxing, run out whole body energy to shout to the sky:"I, eventually, in, win, -"

That"" the word at least dragged along to also have 15 time.

"Hua" of a , the war whoop of whole field completely drowned other any voices.

Six fly to look up at a sky, seem is appreciating that the God finally makes him win, title to the weather, everybody sees he is smiling, in the cachinnation, laugh wildly, pleased pole but smile.

But, when as he is smiling enough and shouting enough and venting enough, lowering the head, people this just sees, six fly have been tears cover the face, the tears is like the flood of unique dike and wreaks havoc on the face, how also cannot stop.

He won.

This a moment, he is a world champion.

For the sake of the this day, for the sake of this a moment, his etc. how many years?

10 years!

Livelong 10 years!

Is 3650 every day and night after night, how much sweat and endurance, how much painful and silent, those winters nights that do a gun in the bise, those ordinary peoples are hard to bear with of lonesome with lifeless, there is no friend and have no close relatives, no one sympathizes with you, also no one has mercy on you, a person stays far away from home, Piao ocean lead sea, bear with the American's derision, bear with everything unfair, boundless long journey, how much strenuous effort ……

All these for the sake of what, is not come true for the sake of today's dream?

This is real six fly, in 2002 ESWC master match champion, he finally changed history.

This is that the moxa Lin, Alice and Huo is rare wise to see for the first time six fly to flow next tears, each chemisette feels to is all different, their eye sockets are getting reder.

The Alice is to can not suppress his/her own concussion, moxa Lin for six fly is Chinese contestant but pride, far hope in the Huo out of a long distance wise discover for the first time that the tears of man's concussion will bring her thus big of shocking, say nothing of the spot.

Almost everybody's eyes inside contains tears, connect the eye socket that believes in also Be getting moister, he has been taking a words tube could not say words, he basically has no way with the speech expresses endocentric concussion at the moment, not for six the performance for flying, Chinese CS that win for six flying willing darkly brought an endless hope.

Is add flowers to brocade that isn't the honour, warrior only grow in the adverse circumstances, that is sincerely the hero.

"In 2002 France ESWC the total champion gainer of master's invitational tournament is the MD that comes from beautiful benefit hard MD club to fight a brigade, the MD fights a brigade head the war tell negative England 4, later on they at hurt the game of the set in a connect eliminated the S of Mouz of JCCT of the Clan4 of TVCC of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, with the United States Nvidia the club 3 D war the brigade join forces for battle total finals, this game struck with fright or horror, intense emotion four overflow, the MD fights the brigade is completed victory with two maps of biggest the advantage make us welcome new myth with fresh flowers and applause, the underneath starts making awards a rites and have already invited us of make awards guest to take place."

Not the ESWC Kui is a professional big match, compete a set quickly be tidied up to a satge, all light beat on the satge, numerous molds round in bottom in Taiwan to dedicate a flower especially, from ESWC set Wei will chairman Ms. Dallo distribute an awards for all big prize gainers.

The king of A:S|HeatoN!

The king of M4:S|Potti!

The best sniper:Mouz|Johnny.R!

The master of the military tactics:EoL|Vesslan!

The king of sand eagle:MD|L!

The prince of the pistol:4| Mangiacapras!

List field MVP:3 Ds|Miller and 3 Ds|Moto and S|HeatoN and S|Potti and eoL|Element and MD|L and MD|Ray and MD|ay, 4| Natus and Mouz|Roman and Mouz|Johnny.R!

This a chain of awardses are sent down, the contestant of the satge each smiling face gradually opens, really is a starlight to gleam, cluster the star is bright, the whole world could not seek to look like strong top-class star's appearance any further.

Numerous flash lights together Shan, this appearance remembers deep place of permanence and loads in a historical work.

Third winner:Schroetommando(S Sweden)

Second prize:DesireDisciplineDedication(the United States 3 Ds)

Champion:MaxDrHawinsurt(MD the United States)

The S trophy is that one is very small similar to devote major efforts the fist of absolute being cup carve, symbol put forth effort quantity;

The trophy with 3 Ds is on attacking by surprise the gun to the gold of medium, symbolize a personality;

And the MD trophy is most exaggerated, a to about have half person Gao of type the giant gold trophy of the big Ding, it represented incorporation and also only had incorporation, is the sharp weapon of never lose a battle.

This trophy, specially for six fly six personal designs six capes, must six people together make an effort just can raise it.But when raise of time, whole field thundering applause, from now on, C altar in the world again many a pole war ensign, its name, call MD, in people's heart, six fly is already the top-class sky of king's pronoun.

Because the MD is an international consociation column of troops, can not rise national flag, move national anthem.

This set Wei will also early have preparation, and take a lot of trouble of pleased nowadays the diva class of the reputation in the world same invincibility female singer-MariahCarey(Maria Kai Li), resound for MD singing on stage a song Hero (hero)》 , the singing of deep feeling at Paris sky once in a very long while:








Please don't doubt oneself, if you stand up to your own heart

Break up the whole worries and fear, take to hope to come forward a line with strength in the road,

When you feel exhausted and please the heart of facing oneself,

Is strong, my hero,

You will discover, you always in our hearts ……

Chapter 139 monument

Master's invitational tournament finally ended.

But the jollification hasn't spread to go and revels to still continue, Paris in this night, the whole city persons are leading carnival.

The MD battles out to fight in the hat second prize of end up brave cut a 3 Ds to become on this day the biggest athletics news, regardless radio station, television, newspaper, magazine, wayside advertisement card, the headlines news is all "looking for the story behind champion" in succession.

The ESWC amusement vogue property also embodied after fighting, this night, Versailles will the exhibition center became grand Party assembly hall and sponsored a square to organize one to revel Party, invited the ginseng of the MD, 3 Ds and S three greatest trump cards troops to add and there is also the staff member of Ligarena company, everyone's medium, even still invited the famous personage in the show biz to take part in together.

But the square everywhere, people all get together and celebrate this big match with the champagne joys the surprise and happiness for bringing.

The hat of MD Duo makes another CS world structure and form noisy.

The crown hotel in this night also becomes matchless jollification, though this is the restaurant of contestant village, the stars tonightses all took part in an official activity,still kept seeming to be very noisy, always the Frenches of gentleman be all with relish discussing MD, discussing the come from China of six fly.

The dime of restaurant, a beautiful looks woman quietly looking at these lovely people, the corner of mouth shows unintentionally smiling face, that is 1 kind is lonesome and happy smiling face.

Is lonesome because she is about to leave Paris to return to China tomorrow, person's tonight that she hopes earnestly to see most can't appear here, the Zong in heart has too many words to mean to say, and also can contemplate alone;But happy because she finally witness six fly of hover, each chemisette idea is almost similar, they all hope earnestly in the middle of the heart that"he" to become hero.

Moxa Lin a person quietly drinks a red wine and listens to surroundings people's speaking about.She didn't take part in various noisy of revel, but her heart revels.

For a long time, a bellboy held a box to walk to come up, courtesy way:"You are a moxa Ms. Lin?"

The moxa Lin surprisedly returns overdo:"How are you, I BE."

The bellboy smiles a way:"Your friend entrusts me to hand over to this box you."

Moxa Lin more surprise:"What friend?"

The bellboy smiles have a little mysterious:"You only can know who he is on opening to see."

"Oh, BE?"The moxa Lin hurriedly connects box to come over.

The bellboy says with smile:"He also gives me to tell you a words, he has no time to seek you, this is the gift that he sends to you."

The moxa Lin is more curious.

Box packing seem not elegant, but the curiosity makes the moxa Lin unbearable to silently open.

She was first a Leng Leng, then a pretty face start to be suffused with right away repeatedly red and dizzy, that is the happy felling but creation of red and dizzy.

Lie flickering and flaring medal of a cake of in box, the medal is what pure gold creates, up engrave a to go a small word in English:ESWC2002, MD|L, Master!

Enough, this has been enough.

Before and allly guessing and worrying is all vanish, again the lonesome felling also changes into a matchless and happy happiness and moves, as pure as a childishness, make people difficult to forget.

This champion medal has already enough explained a matter, regardless six fly nearby to have how much beauty appear and disappear, but in his in the mind, the moxa Lin occupies the most important position forever.As long as is real to her unforgettable person, would chase own success and honor to share together with her.

The moxa Lin cannots help but taking out medal and silently hangs on the neck, but at the sight of restaurant so many people, she again silently before covering up into medal the underwear of the chest inside, tightly Wu wear own chest, being like Wu own heart was similar, feared it to throw to lose.

Looking at all these, the bellboy was unbearable to all smile.The moxa Lin is red face to ask a way:"Does he still have to what rubbish bring mine?"

The bellboy says with smile:"As he is handing over to me this gift, he is very excited, probably he has been sinking to immerse in the happiness today, he says that he hopes that you can not forget him."

The eye socket Shua of moxa Lin is getting reder all of a sudden, feel attracted a way:"Could you help me a matter?"

"Take pleasure in helping for year very much!"The bellboy cleverness says.

Moxa Lin way:"Please turn to tell him a words for me, I will have been waiting what he come back."

"Please trust, I will definitely take the words to, and he anticipates to want to would return to country after here have a meal the day after tomorrow noon."

The moxa Lin didn't say again what, pay to the bellboy tips after stand to start into an elevator to walk.

The tonight destines to suffer from insomnia not her one person, there are also 10,0<0,00= Chinese Americans, and all persons of passion CSs in the world.

Charles de Gaulle Airport of Yi morning.

Moxa Lin a group of people already at wait machine hall whole pack due-out.

The person, who comes and goes, flows a lot, but the moxa a Lin still a station glanced left and right at first.

All know her idea at the Xiao and Lin Xues, cannot help but saying with smile:"Do not see, he is definitely unable to come, he now if appearing here, being not made track for by the doorstepping journalist of all countries to kill is just strange."

The moxa Lin says with smile:"Who tell you me to be waiting him?"

"Ha ha, you pack, lo, your get red in the face so."

"Ah, you two bond maids dare to laugh at me and see how I educate you ……" moxa Lin is red face to rush toward to go on Xiao, a group of girl son Xi the hip-hop admire of make into one regiment.

The female voice of airport broadcasting finally rings out:"Paris flies to the service of Peking, China to take off at 10:12 and pleases a traveller who go to the register to arrive an A5 boarding to check in ……"

Moxa Lin this just unwilling to partly starts to carry to salute, and public forward square walk.

This trip to Paris, her result is very big, not only experienced the most professional CS the big match is in the world, and also have the wish fulfilled of saw six inquisitive answer of fly, getting hers.After all, that champion medal has been sticking in her chest.

She wants to guard Hou for the host of this medal, also for the sake of more medals but expect to wait for.

Pay no attention medium return overdo, the person of Xi Xi flows in, the distance has one the man who wears sunglasses is smiling to her.

Moxa Lin Zheng Zheng, the positive desire turns round to run.

Six flew to smile hatchet man to certainly obstruct her, that meaning was a person is too many here, inconvenient meet.

Immediately six fly blunt she stuck out thumb, whole is a smile on the face, moxa Lin cleverness skillful, know that this is to bless oneself's bon voyage, also is telling oneself, everythings will be smooth.

The moxa Lin smiled to open and tried very hard to of wave hand on departure.

Today's departure, and Be different from in the western city that to take leave, today's difference, gather together for the sake of better tomorrow.

The airplane took off and took of not only only is to remember fondly, but also carry MD honor to fly toward the other shore of Atlantic.

The MD is public after the ESWC a series of official activity ended, returned to the United States on the 27th, turned again to fly from San Francisco Bo Ding .

This should be and clandestinely returns to country, but when the coach of reception drives go into Bo Ding 's square, at present of the prospects really let six flew to eat a surprised.

Closely shout crowd, all round the red cloth drapery on the square, the red cloth drapery bottom wants to necessarily is that one is lately- been finished to carve.

Six fly 1 line to step out of the car come, the crowd started shouting, the song of warrior forever is Bo Ding Ren to the great song that the hero returns, grillage and Huo are rare wise to face to come up.

"Six!"Grillage hard expression oneself concussion within heart, also the slightest neglect own image, run up come tightly with six fly to embrace each other together.

"Six, you are finally successful."The grillage concussion says.

"The Sir of the grillage, this is just a beginning."Six fly an answer way.

Grillage excited way:"Like well, you be still so, never make people disappoint."

Is close behind, Huo rare wise also walked to come up, with six fly to embrace each other.

"Elder sister Huo thanks you and has no you and Mr. Huo, have no this trophy."Six fly to appreciate a way.

The Huo was rare wise to smile to touch touch six fly of head:"I and old daddies are all proud for you."

Immediately, the MD is other public to all embrace each other one by one with two backstage heros of clubs, on the square is also joys voice connect sky, although the cellophane noodles rejoice with wild joy concussion, who don't also grow crazy, because they know that the idols always all calm down very much a very calm and steady person, want ~only ability and idol together, these people very satisfy.

The sky of the earthquake is shouting, six fly and several people of Chris lifted out from the car that champion trophy together.

On lifting out, the cloth drapery of square the center also slips to drop down, an and champion trophy the shape is completely same and at least be up to the trophy of 10 meters to carve to appear in the owner eyes.

The trophy also has a line of Chinese word most below:Our hero, China flies!

Under blue sky sunlight, carve a bronze statue to send forth dazzling ray of light, if say that the trophy on the satge symbolizes world's tallest honor, so this trophy represented Bo Ding Ren to six fly of respect and to the CS passion.

"This statue is the approval of councilman in Maryland to specially construct and be in remembrance of the happiness and honor that you bring for the owner here, it is specialized for you but sign of plentiful stone tablet, six, the dream of for yourself continues diligent."The grillage says.