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Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body, the MD fifth bureau is 2-2 of anti- rush toward a type, monkey and Ray station together son at the small way up, on helping an of As and making AWP guarding the dead to the small way together, this combination puts here, even if the 3 D whole brigadeses dare and hurtle a small way is also a dead end.


In fact a lot of audiences all turn over dish not to save to entertain wild hope to Mouz at this time.

The Mouz economic circumstance is very bad, but MD through as long as 4 making a deposit of bureauses, each all full of pole.

The person who kills you robs your gun, then uses your to kill yourself with gun.

Mouz is depressed and matchless to this, but again helpless.

Ray attacks by surprise a gun, this bureau direct make the small way putting the breeze to greatly put blood in two Mouz member of team on this son, then monkey again sweep again deep-fried, a hand thunder bombed to fly two bandits.

Infield this place, Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart Xuan 2 people nail together at in the road link up place, the Yin heart Xuan is a gun to point Gao Tai, and the Luo Dan Lun side takes aim 3 at her.

This is in fact not reasonable, but have a huge advantage, those are 2 people depend nearly and regardless take the offensive to still keep procrastinating, is all very ideal geography.

But six fly to then take sand eagle to visit everywhere, Gao Tai, outfield, car crest and stairs, all have his figure everywhere.

Five bureau time finish dragging along, the MD takes down penny again.

Sixth bureau, Mouz still has no money, again can ECO.

However this time, in Mouz MD conspiracy.

Six fly one birth blunt drill in small way, he momentary take sand eagle after killing a small way a burst of open fire.

Suddenly on seeing, also really think that his fierce tiger comes out, on wanting sand eagle to annoy to swallow country, careful on seeing, six the sand eagle flying completely have no the spiritual influence in past and all beat archibald.

He made Gore clay-cold and then fell on the ground.

Mouz a group of persons originally to six flew this action don't feel rare as well, but at six after flying to die, eyes of owner were getting brighter.

Because six fly of corpse up, have already where lain A, this is exactly six fly at the fourth bureau paid from the Roman hand of A.

To a flock of person who has no gun but ECO, this has AN undoubtedly fatal temptation dint.

Beverly Hills Body 2

Beverly Hills Body 2

Bilzzard two words didn't say and then hurtled up, he forgot the another head of of small way and had a dead shot what didn't do, take aim this A.


Attack by surprise a mirror to be like one tornado to fly Bilzzard book.

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Bilzzard!

Johnny.R cannots help but exclamation:Ray really super top-grade sniper, have no an empty gun to appear.

Roman made toward Johnny.R an expression of eyes, that meaning is 2 people together up, come back A Jian, hence two people a front one empress the Shan go out, the Shan arrives half Roman Teng empty greatly jump.


Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body-2

Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body-2

Ray attacks by surprise a gun again ring, Johnny.R although Shan get quick, Ray the gun jilt sooner.

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Johnny.R!

"Mao Ca" is a , Roman finally the Jian arrived this A, however at he acquired through luck at the same time, he knows that he fell into trap again.

Because the wood box of small way son up, the monkey doesn't know when drive crest go up to peep out a half gun a tube to come out, he is this Jian, the whole body top and bottom finishes completely whole revelations in the thermodynamic power scope of monkey, even hide all have no the place can hide.

"Pa Pa Pa!"

The AN is really that the power is huge, monkey three guns two guns sweeps Roman to turn over.

Roman is one dead, behind of Papst quickly run to go out, Jian arrive the A backed back.

The problem is Ray to attack by surprise a gun this time dumb fire, incredibly let Papst Jian the A slip away.

Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body family

Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body family

This even feeling Papst oneselfs is very strange, then he bends over to look below again, he wants to cry, because this A barrel of gun inside a bullet also has no.

Is very obvious, six fly in advance and then give�� the bullet and put only, intentionally dead seduce them over there Jian, let they an of for the sake of a worthless of gun but sell to Ray to oneself.

This makes people die for money, bird in order to eat Wu, this words are similar to be applicable to CS.

Papst suddenly really thinks that pain's scolding six and flying is a bastard, however he even scold all too late, because the Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart Xuan doesn't know and when touch in the vacant land out of the T base, two people are like phantom similar flap about in the vacant land, the quasi- heart of two pole As sways this wandering soul the wild ghost body is at Papst up

Chapter 110 burns of chariot(six)

Walk into death this kind of matter is in the CS this isn't easy be accepted, but six fly to walk into death Leng BE"send" effect.

This kind of way that drops to get empty a gun really can not be regarded as what military tactics, at most call smart in small way just, the problem is this smart in small way the Mouz owners all to cheat.

After throwing to lose a sixth bureau, Roman spirit the face deliver green, become itchy, but he is understand now anything but the time that angry.

Because MD and then give�� the score to pull even, MD not only compare his imagination in more difficult deal with, and you forever don't know six to fly to connect down again what recruit?

Seventh bureau, Mouz finally the daughter-in-law cook an old woman, the standard weapon allocation went together with together.

See for the sake of insurance, the lord of this bureau in Mouz offends a direction still just outfield, Roman and Johnny.R clip from 4 stairses, Papst drags along in the small way, Gore and Bilzzard from medium the road push.


Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body Corporator

Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body

This type is most it may be said Mouz the train station of the most classic specialty type, hereafter quite a few year, Mouz every time round the train station do bandits to all usually adopt this kind of aggression route.

The general troops wants to defend this skill to be really very difficult, the reason lies in Johnny.R 4 car crests once jumping ups, and that pole attacked by surprise a gun to basically cut off the support of CT base.

This bureau starts 1 after dividing many clocks, both parties are again a burst of hand to hand fight in the outfield.

The person little MD obviously suffered a los, after monkey put together to die in the small way son Papst, Mouz others all Tus went into an outfield, the Ray eye disease is quick moving, raise a hand win Bilzzard for coming out one gun Ju in door become to do corpse.

Ray is quick, Johnny.R also has no carefree, he after ascending 4 car crests quickly jumps 5 car crests, the monkey rushes through back to blow up to order from the CT passage deep place the time after 5 Zongs .


Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body Team

People attack by surprise a gun to Johnny.R in addition to shout and applause, doing not know really all can also mean what.

Once the outfield hand over fire, the Luo Dan of the infield Lun and Yin heart Xuan quickly the support come over, 2 people won recruiting of Mouz this time.

Mouz doesn't be eager to going forward to blow up a point after being released, but the control of big scope lives an outfield, this well showed a manner of European strong brigade, not and urgently not Zao, not Yun not fire, steadily releasing of a little.

So Luo Dan the Lun and Yin heart Xuan appear the time in central room and wait for their being 5 Johnny.R and 5 Gores of train tailses of car crest.

Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart the Xuan bore suffering this time, 2 people after cooperating to kill Gore, drive Johnny.R the Ju dead in addition pistol Be empty to explode respectively.

Outfield moment calmness come down.

The quiet empress being brief makes Roman feeling not right again:"Six fly where?"

Six fly certainly in his surprisingly place, this place is the day on the stage of tallest overhead.

When handing over in the outfield vehemence originally is fiery six fly and then hang on that ladder, he equally and not and urgently not Zao, silently climbed up, saw a time of underneath all circumstances.

Roman at on discovering incorrect time, instinct of lift gun muzzle, just on lifting, he see six the head flying backed to return to.

"In the top."Roman yells, the attacking by surprise of Johnny.R gun turned up.

This sneak attack opportunity that is should be an extremely good was unfortunately discovered first by the Mouz person, now only six fly to expose a 's coming out is dead, can say that he has already surrounded dead.

Innumerable the heart of Bo Ding 's audience kept on sinking, this bureau, estimate that the MD is throwing to divide.


Beverly Hills Body Overview

Beverly Hills Body overview

Ray deals with Johnny.R alone probably can also go, but deal with Johnny.R and Roman to affirm can not go.

Six flew to absorb an one breath, fell back several steps, made to prepare bouncing of posture.

"Does he want to do what?So"the moxa Lin called, " Gao jumps down to absolutely is dead."

This is the compete six to fly and Johnny.R of have a conversation for the first time, is also famous"six fly a video frequency".

Jump down from the set in sky, all generally will fall 6 car tops, the HP will also be subjected to loss, if a little bit make an effort of jump, then directly fall dead on the sand ground.

However, is left from the set in sky descend 45 degrees extreme limit revolve to jump, then will hang in 5 train the center to split oscular of the red ladder bottom carry, HP will also the milli- hair have no Sun.Beverly Hills Body 2

This is a difficulty greatly get can not terminology speech description of jump up action, even if is the top-class superior whom the extreme limit jumps, success rate also only is 10%, because differ the distance that a D orders, the result for changing is dead have no whole corpses.

This action not only starts to need to jump acceleration, but also in the sky still needs to operate or so reel through a keyboard to accelerate, hand soon the value didn't ascend 300 people, don't want to attain forever.Beverly Hills Body 3

A figure suddenly flies from the set in sky and is since then like a male eagle to launch a pair of wings to get down swoop.

"Bang" of a , Johnny.R AWP again ring.

Hugely bellowed to break��into piece train station up of roar and shout north wind.

Air blind Ju.

This is definite one gun air blind Ju.

Six fly of rise to jump a difficulty have much big, its up jilt a difficulty have much big.


Six fly just on jumping to win this gun, blue sky white cloud bottom, a regiment blood spent to bloom at Gao Kong, beautiful get true and ruthlessness.Beverly Hills Body 4

This one gun that probably is Johnny.R to regret most in all my life, because this gun difficulty is too big, it hang won six to fly of toe.

Six fly to still keep in the sky swaying, the red ladder is in the view of the audiences and slowly and more become more big and more become more clear, that because six fly of descend speed more and more quick, more and more approach to split.Beverly Hills Body front gate

While willing hang on the ladder, should be face the angle of view of ladder suddenly on changing direction, the knife in the hand fiercely changes sand eagle.

What everybody could not control feelings stood, everybody saw six the main angle of view for flying, he at rapid under sink intermediate range Johnny.R not to arrive three meters far, at 2 people interleave of that, the sand eagle rang.

You can hear the trajectory that it ring, but could not see it.

Thousand hammers of numerous nights are 100 chains, the romantic feeling that changes to this split second.

"Bang!"Beverly Hills Body house


MD|the L kill Mouz with gun|Johnny.R!

The Johnny.R corpse fell off down from the car top.

Six fly to attach at ladder the bottom carry, the gun muzzle is still emitting green smoke.

He unexpectedly the miracle sort lived down.

This a moment, not only is only all audiences, expert and judge stunned speechless, connect the heads of three persons on fields of Johnny.R, Roman and rays all short circuit.

Ray really knows that this records a sky to outside fly fairy, its difficulty have much big, this in need of technique data, turn round, slice a gun and change the knife these actions to have the how numerous and complicated complications the most impossible be turn round for an instant over there empty explode, this completely isn't what mankind can attain, but six fly be attain.Beverly Hills Body sea

This height that is no longer the real strenght, this is the conviction, a will, a bloody battle and arrives dead conviction, is even if die and also want the will of the bloody battle.

This brief second time inside, Ray suddenly discovered that oneself reads to understand six to fly of heart, he feels to get six to fly of the heart all fight to the desire of victory of desire.

He had a kind of felling for swearing allegiance for the first time.

Six fly not is absolute being, also not is a great king, he is a hero, a hero of real meaning.

Roman and rays are all bestill coming speechless, six the figure flying have already jumped down from the ladder and jump on the vacant land still is jumping, in the lightly moving dancing, sand eagle again Shan gun fire.

"Bang bang bang!"

Squatted down Roman by the side of 4 trains to keep on pouring.


This key bureau, drive six the sky flying outside fly fairy to take down.

His HP leaves 1:00, but he still just there jump, he has already jumped crazy.

Whole field at dead silent 5 seconds behind, madness' breaking out almost can chase the applause of the Ku of assembly hall earthquake, even can not help plate umpires the Wu lived ear, this kind of applause perhaps a hundred years Be difficult to meet once.

"Yes!Yes!Yes!"Chris throws a fist rant.Beverly Hills Body villa

The Alice cannots help but putting a voice to yell:"Six, IloveYou, IloveYouforever-"

Audience at table, persons like moxa Lin,etc also again regardless of poise, five people together one noodles Chinese national flag to support to brandish.

But in Bo Ding 's square, numerous people and then sing the song of warrior in the beginning.

The concussion that is excesssive, on the contrary let people together voice high song.

The absolute being net of western University of city inside, segment nine first call get up:"Is invincible, flying the elder brother is invincible."

Roll of thunder smoke bottom a throw:"Spicy next door of, is gone crazy by me."

Owner in the net cafe originally takes out red plum and digs booger, "Gao Kong's bombing" lens be to see six to fly, a carelessly, the nose digs a nosebleed, but his fierce uprising makes threatening gestures a way:"Since today, net cafe free three days, spicy next door of, beat to go to Paris, knock down France ����"

Net cafe several No.100 the person collectively shout:"Beat to go to Paris, knock down France ����"

"Big spring, I say patient in the mental derangement hospital opens a general assembly, may be an absolute being net inside now this kind of situation?"

"Two fat, you this didn't understand, these people were seeing a what call the game of ESWC France."

"The Yi E excrement snake?"

"The boon is yes ESWC."

"His Niang of, is the toilet in France so good-looking?"

Chapter 111 burns of chariot(seven)Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body cn

The Mouz vehemence keeps on being finally weak.

The German's will again strong he is also individual, also always have the time to can not stand to trample upon .

This goes to a pass importance of the seventh bureau be taken down by"six fly a video frequency", Mouz a while from heaven fell to go into a hell.

Six fly of the shot, give the shot Kui the German's self-confident heart one greater half.

The superior and strong brigade dies to be not afraid of at a time and lose once also not afraid, afraid afraid is throwing the mental state of losing the contestant.Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body frontpage

For example Ray, before the time in X3 was how to show off star Wang in the sky whom the force spread fame, once throwing to fail in promise, become heel the common run of people just like.

Roman and Johnny.R in nowadays are this kind of status, they grasped Chinese contestant for the first time of severe, they suddenly produced a very terrible mind:In China, be like six to fly a person like this to still have how much?Isn't us practice to whet to match still not enoughly?Say this big match, really is that there is sky outside the sky, person last someone?

This is the omen that the self-confidence moves to shake, how haven't they wanted to try very hard to become champion?Because six fly this to record a sky to outside fly fairy too exaggerated, too terrible, this is the affair that they can not do it.Richard Ellenbogen - Beverly Hills Body seashore

Even Johnny.Rs all first feel:Attacking by surprise the gun isn't all-powerful.

This is also his result on this big match.

However these all fairly good, the key problem lies in the second half field six after flying up a field, MD each become matchless and cunning craftiness, imitate a Buddha to in advance know that oneself is just thinking what, take the offensive which route, on key of key road order always have "hero" person complete astonishing Zu shot task, but"hero" person of back, is a larger trap to wait oneself.Roman feels a cold idea, he woulded not�� until now discover, six fly this game unexpectedly connect a main war guns have never used, six fly him to exactly still have how many skills, how is his weight?Richard Ellenbogen

These problem Romans have already thought too late and more, because the MD has already taken down now seventh bureau, total score 10-6, if win two bureaus again, Mouz can with SayGoodbye.

But the most darned problem be now this eighth Mouz in the bureau have no money, and then have to ECO, if not in addition to being surprised, the MD takes down this penny not a problem.

Roman decides this bureau what don't buy as well, take a risk Rush infield, he wants to press treasure at in the ninth bureau, anyway also at the ninth bureau drag along the MD contends for for 12 centses of step.

Regrettable Mouz this of go for broke and won ambush.Richard-Ellenbogen-2

Because the Mouz game beats this time till now and has already lost calm judgment ability, Roman always eyes vision on oneself and neglects opponent, this bureau to how to line up a soldier cloth thus.

The infield of MD this bureau, Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart the Xuan is very decisive but brave of ex- press Gao Tai Ze's way.

This is judgment ability and experience of the contestant individual.

In fact everyone knows that Mouz, this bureau has no a gun, the possibility come by outfield this kind of far battlefield very small, and then the infield rather depend on weapon advantage the son is the that two down stairses come thoroughly lock dead.Richard-Ellenbogen-another

On the side way, in the distant place, the Luo Dan Lun's Yin heart Xuan comes up in the small slope of doorway, this 22 are the position that the with intention to perishes together with the other party.

The MD isn't afraid of blood to put together now, first, rich, second, as long as their 2 people has action and immediately affects an others support.

This ninth bureau, Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart Xuan at side way came up a 2 V5s of super greatly brush to hold

MD|the iller kill Mouz with gun|Roman!

MD|the liier kill Mouz with gun|Bilzzard!Richard-Ellenbogen-in-working

MD|the iller kill Mouz with gun|Papst!

MD|the ay kill Mouz with gun|Gore!

MD|the ay kill Mouz with gun|Johnny.R!



Heart palpitates!

Everybody's hearts are jumping!

Victory of the first light of day have been already appeared, now bad penny, the MD can raise head to stand into hurt set of front 8 Be getting stronger.

The owners are quietly waiting for, wait for the arrival of glorious moment.

Tenth bureau, the last bureau of top to definitely arrive.

The T base one orderliness buys a gun voice, the allocation of this bureau Mouz still doesn't calculate orderliness, but lord war the gun AN and AWPs all went together with together.

The MD this place, M4 and AWP same has appearance, six flew to also purchase a M4, this key time he can not drop chain son careless gist.Richard-Ellenbogen-shooting

The MD type this time makes a person all knead a cold sweat.

Six fly puts Yin heart Xuan in the medium road of depending the infield to link up place to put breeze, the others entirely find job for in the outfield.

"He calculates quasi- does Mouz want a lord to offend an outfield?"Baseball cap surprised way.

The light hair man orders:"This isn't in fact difficult to calculate, the MD gets penny again to win, Mouz in no case dares to take a risk now, have to be steady to heavily push an outfield, they disallow a mistake now."

"This pours BE."The baseball cap nods.Richard-Ellenbogen-talking

This bureau, Mouz wins MD Yin first to recruit, reason is six flew to drop to Ray in the position of door, Ray didn't take many hope, momentary at in Ju in the door died opposite Bilzzard.

But MD also have no satisfied how long, because a shot of Ray successful, change 6 up of the Luo Dan Lun climb to get on the car a crest quickly ex- put, try to lock a door in dead.

He pours this time be not recklessly, but the position that he basically has never thought 6 car crest heads, the bandit wins a door here inside similar can see, though the angle seen only have so a line, the attacking by surprise of Johnny.R gun put out through this line.

One of "bang" is huge to ring.

The corpse of Luo Dan Lun in the sky turned over two somersaults, then fell off at sand ground up.

"The attacking by surprise of Ju absolute being gun disappears a person ability also second kill."Should be this sentence medium exaggerate to boast.

But the Luo Dan Lun believed deeply to doubt not now.Richard-Ellenbogen-team

Both parties still keep being placed in a status for refusing to budge in the outfield, who don't dare to act rashly as well, because of the clear other party circumstance of none of both parties.

The bold aggression of this bureau in Mouz shows MD the match magic power of European style.

Refused to budge along while, Mouz Gore and Papst were incredibly very risky of touched into a small way, 2 people should be obscure activity, but still keep being become a horny monkey by the 5 monkeys to detect, the reason was this final reckoning, Papst has a little strain, slightly didn't be careful and then changed knife and changed the knife as a result of slightly an incredibly be heard by the monkey, the monkey fiercely comes forward to strain to go out.

In his view, Gore and Papst almost lap over a straight line, this is exactly the best connect intention to murder meeting.

The monkey doesn't hestitate of buttonned up a trigger.


Attack by surprise a gun of that voice be like big gun to resound in the valley, only hear sounds enough earthquake Zhe person.

But Johnny.R attacks by surprise a gun is shake Zhe person is so simple?

The monkey lets go of to throw a gun on the spot, the double knee kneels ground and crouched down.

Mouz|Johnny.R kill MD with gun|So!

This gun is unexpectedly Johnny.R Shan medium door, the very critical moment Shan killed a monkey, the Mouz small way aggression strength canned completely keep intact.

But win Ray of door then directly be jumped 4 stairses ofs of Roman a ground's rolling thunder white was to the Shan.

Ray backed to return to and remitted with Yin heart Xuan to match, 2 people rounded CT base once together.

On HLTV, in the outfield constringency, MD3 V4, the Mouz ring of encirclement beginning's circumstance is very far from good.

But Johnny.R one gun after solving monkey six the M4 flying generally and obscurely vomited a tongue like the snake.

"Sou Sou Sou-"

Just came out a small way wood box Gore and Papst of the side felt the flank Yin breeze repeatedly, then eyes were one flower, two people fell on the ground.

In the Gore felling, this person opens fire too quasi- too quick, extremely disallow the leeway that you struck back.

He raises head and looks a screen again:

MD|the L kill Mouz with gun|Gore!

MD|the L kill Mouz with gun|Papst!

That a moment isn't only that he is dark to scold Shit, even Johnny.R is also very surprised.

Because six fly have been hiding by the side of the wood box of the small way son, as long as you stretch a to come out will your life.

In fact this be not what skillful position, but any as long as is a bandits should check this position, Gore and Papst the superior like this isn't a check not, but their 2 people is too nervous, strain after again relaxs because Johnny.R strains a monkey, this emotion rises and falls to six fly to provide the machine that can take advantage o.

Gore suddenly realize, originally the monkey Shan comes out is have a deep idea, the purpose lets with own dead attraction attention six fly a Mouz of small way main force to annihilate.

Mouz main force is in the small way, but MD main force incredibly also in the small way.

This calls imperceptibly but inexorably from have heaven's will.

The small way is one shot successful, both parties again innocent hate, the respectively main troopses all exposed now, Yin heart the Xuan and Ray come up in the CT base of small slope up towarded wall to sprung a burst of smoke flashlight, then hurtled to go out.

"Stop!"Six fly to yell a way.

Unfortunately and too late, 4 train underneaths, Roman it may be said all vitality absolute being form dollars concentrate quasi- mind at the AN and blow up order shadow of human figure one Shan, his AN opens fire for the lightning flash sort.

This is already to change sides in war one shot, as long as is an individual and then don't want to hide.

"Burst Chi" is 1.


Indeed as expected this gun in someone, winning the person of this gun isn't other people, unexpectedly is sniper Ray.

Chris keeps on waitsing the person's heart to sink, the MD is very not easy to turn round situation to come over, and the result was again turned over by Mouz to return to now.

This bureau is really a 70% discount, call person's atmosphere don't dare as well.

Also wear while Roman AN is shooting Ray head at Yin heart the neck son of the Xuan, Yin heart the HP of the Xuan reddens on the spot.

But Yin heart the Xuan is not easy to handlely either to anticipate, this turning point, once she change front careful style, don't back anti- enter, jump up ammunition of box, the M4 raises a hand to shine one gun fire.

This a chain of bullet Lengs are Roman that is strong line of the train underneath to sweep to die.

Johnny.R has already arrived the high pressure electricity of vacant land at this time box side, attack by surprise one of the focal distance"Chi" to open.

"My sky shouts."

The Alice Wu shut up.

The moxa Lin waited a person to also press down a chest.

Chris' fist is shivering.

This gun hides open that just Be getting more rare.

"Mao Ca" is a , this is to throw away M4 Jians to have AWP voice.

Then"bang" of a , AWP rang, the gun muzzle came out green smoke.

The Shan of Johnny.R enter high pressure electricity box back.

Blow up the passage of some right side side, Yin heart the corpse Yang noodles of the Xuan lies at ground up, the corpses all still and just and continuously have muscular spasms.

Her chest still just the Tu Tu Tu emit a blood, her eyes return Zheng consumedly of, her vision seemed to wear deeply the above of sandstone, she seemed to saw the blue sky and white cloud of the train station sky, is that a victorious first light of day?

The Johnny.R the gun is to jump midair and throw the time of the gun at her give�� her shot and drop down.

But AWP on the her hand exerted whole body energy to throw into 5.

No one knows she why wants to do so, but the owners all know attacking by surprise of Johnny.R the gun in no case will end up in nothing.

So she fell flop, absolutely the right and wrong pours can not.

However at people surprised this weird action of time, dark green of attacked by surprise a gun side to suddenly appear a pair of feet.

Six fly of feet.

"Mao Ca" is a , six fly will this attacked by surprise gun Jian to get up, once turn round, squat down bottom, adjusted to turn gun muzzle.

Attacking by surprise the gun didn't open a mirror, visual field inside also have no Johnny.R figure, but six fly still the deadlock is over there and carry to have AWP respond in the as in, the gun muzzle seems to toward a high pressure electricity box.

Everybody's breath almost grinds to a stop.

This is he the opportunity finally, he knows Johnny.R at next comes out for the meeting Shan, no matter it is left Shan or right Shan, as long as once the Shan comes out, oneself only 50% opportunities shoot��dead him, but he has 99%ly and all lead to beat in he.

The Yin heart Xuan put together to throw AWP to come over with all strength, this was a kind of mum consign.

When she orders each entrance to cave, each corner of wall, each gunning, each passage, each district hand over to you of time, in fact she also chased own destiny consignation in you and killed and bleed isn't ultimate end purpose, salvation and guard are the places of essence.

The trust of the conviction, teammate that necessarily wins, resolutely open fire, these three conditions add for only a result, this result has to a word, that be-dead!


Astounding one attacks by surprise a gun to ring.

The AWP bullet roars and shouts but goes to and beat in the very and narrow angle under as long as 100 distance of meters at a steel plate of electricity box in the place-high pressure that lets the owner all dare not believe up.

Then this bullet wore deeply steel plate, wear at back Johnny.R head up.


MD|the L kill Mouz with gun|Johnny.R!



This a moment, the game on the stage is utterly routed, MD almost all of the owner kicked to turn over the table wooden bench acclaim victory.

Six fly end a moment of breathtaking one shot, unexpectedly the wearing of miracle sort died Ju absolute being.

This gun irrelevant marksmanship, because it is a real conviction is one shot, earnest and sincere go to, gold stone for open.

The whole field quickly seethed.

The national flag of Deutsche chariot kept on declining, representative the United States' star ensign rose, but the most central in the assembly hall, only the five planets red flag of China sways the most refreshing.

"Yes!"Chris' bedlamite is similar to flee ascend game set, with a public acclaim.

The MD is this victory, actually than rout cols to still make people excited, because six fly defeat today of, is absolute being of real meaning.

"Attack by surprise myth" doesn't hurt a gold body drive six flew to break, two rightness of definitely, six fly with a record a sky to outside fly fairy to add a to record super the far blind Ju thoroughly defeat Ju absolute being.

CS inside, truely severe weapon not is attack by surprise a gun.

BE what?

Being a conviction is an incorporation, match.

This a moment, in the war whoop of whole field moderate flashlight in the light, the Yin heart Xuan tightly hugged six to fly of neck, she appreciates and appreciates six to fly the trust to her and appreciated more six to fly don't also be ungrateful to her trust.

"Yin, you are a real No.1 in this game today, Youarethebest!(you are the best)"Six fly to clap her shoulder.

France of Paris, on this day witness a birth of legend.

The MD name engraves for the first time at the satge of big match in the world up, six flew to finally arrive at him how many years the dream for hoping earnestly was heaven.

His name, from now on spread in more than 50 nations in the world and the region at least-China war absolute being!

Chapter 112 born remarkable talent

The news of victory as if a bomb burst, moment get abroad to the all directions.

Six fly the MD of getting the title at hurt a set connect win four, setback attack by surprise gun fabulous Johnny.R, beat German to return to old house, this news caused a sensation in the world.

The visions of world-wide locations all concentrated in the body of this new talent, this American war brigade was very unusual, because you are careful a see will discover, is this to pay international column of troops, there is American, Chinese and Korean, it the superior who isn't several big nations that associately together pound at ESWC?

Whether you would like to believe, this troops owns of the cellophane noodles spread over a world-wide locations.

Area in the west of the United States of Bo Ding natural not in context of present discussion, six fly victorious of a moment, that gun of sharp, not only the Ju died Ju absolute being, also the Ju is ground grillage Sir and Huo rare wise the huge pressure on the shoulder, six fly on the big match of be unveiled to let once again for the very first time Bo Ding Ren's believing firmly him is absolute being of never lose a battle;

Korea is a big traditional electricity Jing country, and still an one or two electricity Jing is completely the country of economic industry, particularly is an interstellar to compete for hegemony, an in the world show only, but the CS fell behind.The birth of female the cutthroat Yin heart Xuan lets all Korean's eyes a bright, this game Yin heart Xuan really performs feats, all of some timeses are the backstrokes that is organized by her.Victory of this night, doorway in the hotel is hugged to cover Korean medium of the Xuan of Yin heart to reach to 24 more, it suffices to show she results in for Korea of sensation;

However cause a sensation most of, certainly is still China.This game lets numerous local common player see new hope, people originally thought that Evil that had a legend color rather is the star of Chinese tomorrow, but six flew stunningly just let the owner wake up with a start, originally he was absolute being, in the filed of play time represented unexpectedly 1 didn't hurt, and still at superior such as in the foreign battlefield of cloud.

But this game also sprinkles like cold water a lot of awake local superior, these people just realize now, the absolute being Ju doesn't necessarily is invincible of, and a lot of military tacticses setting up is worth the people's studying and be like an adding of monkey type, the ambulation of six flies type walks ����

The combat of Paris more plays more vigorous, many Hao door and black horse float a surface in succession, all superiors sword, all point to two champions of big set unclearly.

Who the lord drift along, still have to continue to downwards see just know.

The MD wins a landslide victory of this night, sponsored a square to hold wine tasting meeting, for all still stay around taking part in a game of ESWC the troops open a vogue Party.

Receive this news, six fly very happy.

He pour not to is to want to join in the fun, but want a superior who become friends with the world-wide locations.

Wine tasting will be hold in the meeting exhibition third floor function hall, arrive at the time here, the MD a group of people saw a lot of familiar faces, however here in addition to those each beauty with beautiful colors walk around in the function hall, contestant in all countries all in belonging to his/her own site the gathering is exactly Chinese that sentence:"The person gathers by type, the thing is divided with cluster."

The most obvious is a group of 3 Ds stars, round at most a small table of side of northern side.

In addition to 3 Ds|Miller didn't order wine, and had been remaining mum an outside, others' pouring was pretty happy, again is drink again at chat.

A French beauty that looks like supermodel arrives at a 3 Ds|im in front, imitate Buddha cellophane noodles have already demanded a signature from the im, then joked about severals and then left with im again.

Original person of this kind of situation 3 Ds also sees much, everyone disagrees, but that French girl was after leaving south noodles S war brigade of table side, see the appearance is seeking Potti to want signature, Potti and courtesy of to beauty label, then the beauty sit at table the side and S Be public to chat, often still send out pleased laughter.

This situation directly aroused 3 D public unpleasantness, a group of people didn't good facial expression very obviously.

See this situation, six fly and then cannot help but losing to smile, 3 Ds and S are really born old natural rivalses, see to the 3 Ds hasn't been forgetting the humiliation on the war of century, those are really any times to all contend for Feng with S opposite, the field bottom is no exception, even hello doesn't beat 1 as well.

Generally speaking, this kind of situation differs from formal social intercourse, France originally paid attention to recreational vogue, all of a lot of contestants of nations are very at will of dress representative oneself's club of recreational coat, but along with atmosphere in the hall more and more warmly, beauty in all countries is more and more, in this kind of situation if can have beauty to say "hello" with oneself on one's own initiative, that was really the vanity and self-confidence that biggest satisfies contestant.

What MD occupies is a buffet position, the beauty saying "hello" can be really many, however almost all beauties is hurtling a monkey to come.

Monkey always at silly smile, but Luo Dan Lun but depressed must want to die:Lao Tze is more handsome than him, more handsome than him, why is a nobody to come to say "hello" with me?

But when Luo Dan the Lun see again Lyons' this boy was more welcomed by beauty than the monkey, he only accompanied to land to fly to drink very boringly.

The monkey is welcomed by beauty, but Yin heart Xuan but is be subjected to a male the contestant welcome, original Yin heart the Xuan grow not difficult see, plus MD to greatly show off today, come over to seek the person whom she strikes up a conversation still really be not minority, even S star xenonses all come over to seek her to chat on his/her own initiative.

MD indeed as expected the situation is very high, until that supermodel Susan Nuo appear at six fly a flank, Alice just cannot help but.

"Hi!"Susan Nuo throws to a seductive eyes, and still very enthusiasm with six fly to say "hello".

"How do you do."Six fly to say with smile.

Susan Nuo says with smile:"You today really is magic too, I really have never thought you unexpectedly vanquished my idol, you have already acted for the position of my idol."

Six fly to smile.

The Alice is unbearable dark to scold:This demon is really disgusting, indeed as expected come to seduce six to fly.

Susan Nuo continues way:"Can give me label?"

She finishes saying this, six fly a not stingy answer:"It is very glad."

Alice depressed pole, loudly way:"Six fly, I ignored you."Finish saying, the Alice annoys another head of of the dynasty hall of drum drum to run.

"What's the matter with her?"Susan Nuo asks.

Six fly and Luo Dan the Lun answer together:"Do not know."

In a little while, the Alice doesn't know to go where flee indiscriminately, incredibly took two male contestants to come over.

She originally is wanted to intentionally annoy six to fly, who knew six to fly at the sight of these two people, the wine cup in the hand put down, eyes was also getting brighter, and he finally saw the person that he wanted to see most on the cocktail party.

Because these two people is to compete in the daytime at audience seat the light hair man and baseball cap for appearing.

Light hair western city of man in fact as early as last year and six flew to once meet, because he is the military tactics of the great reputation master Vesslan.

And this baseball cap boy have a liking for go to although is small, he also owns a name for liking a thunderclap piercing the ear and calls:Element!

Element, this is a very special person in the CS history big current, it fights power to in really allow of no to despise.

Element has two nicknames, the first calls"ghost spirit horse", these are the cellophane noodles that like him to send to his, from this nickname can know a little of it.

He isn't that kind of and living an intense fire hot star, someone describes that game Demo that watch Element is the business of a very depressed boredom, because his characteristics isn't lie in using heavy skill homicide, but is walk of lightly work properly an and send, with small match, small technique, cunningly walk, military tactics of design but be known for, clever and twists about add in the hordes of troops and horses, this with six fly and pour is just alike.

Element another nickname is a CS***the person of inside send to his-"strong brigade jinx".

Say come very strange, but is not accidental either.

Since 02 years, the Hao door eoL led by Element takes part in the big match of several importance in Europe, the Munich invitational tournament of brocade match in Europe and esu organization, always Ji Ji unknown eoL war brigade losing streak S king in the sky, momentary Element drive surprised is nature and man.

From now on S only on running into the troops of Element place necessarily and hurting undoubtedly, this lets what S gnash the teeth with hatred.

Element is the whole world to dispute the biggest star at the same time, his multifarious change employment and turn a meeting is also special feature, Element is different from Vesslan, two individuals are foolish over of the troopses are all many, but Vesslan that is the helpless divagation, give six the felling for flying are homeless, but Element is to be multifariously dug by the Hao door to dig to come over in the past, its value it is thus clear that one spot.

"Ryman, LongTimeNoSee(long time no see)!"Six fly of English this is the most familiar.

Peep out one silk smiling face on the Vesslan face:"Six, very happy saw you here."

This is next Be getting more shocked to the Alice:"Do you unexpectedly know each other?"

Vesslan says with smile:"Last year the western city in China, I once saw with own eyes six of severe, really had never thoughted to see six Mouz of representing American troops to go on an expedition, and with one action vanquishings at the master's invitational tournament today, six, congratulate you."

"Thank!"Six fly to say with smile.

"I give you the introduction, this is my teammate, he ����"

Six flew to smile to interrupt Vesslan:"I know that you are Element, incognizant your person is really few."

Element also smiled:"How are you, six fly, you the performance today make me shocking."

"Thank."Six fly to the Vesslan way:"It was surprisingly you to go to eoL."

"Yes, I the effect is in the eoL now!"Vesslan still keeps being smiling, only smiling face already seem to be some Be getting bitter and astringent.

Six fly can certainly realize his mood.

The troops that the Vesslan effect leads is really many, MAFIA and NiP, NordicDivision and esu.swe, 9 esus and Adrealine, GX and mibr, but these troops in addition to NIP, other troopses can not be regarded as a top-class strong brigade.

The antinomy of persons, such as Vesslan and Potti...etc. is what people of this world all knows, at NIP, origin's the divagation of one station another station of military tactics master that has artistic talent most , his crying need is used war merit and the troops taken out by oneself to prove, he is these days of Wang Qiang than Potti, but actually the S is like the sun at high noon, but the master still is wandering about, even still don't know a stand where.

However, this eoL is also regarded as very violent of, mainly own Vesslan, Element, and front NIP Hyb king in the sky, these three people can say to is really the military tactics engineer corp's strongest combination, this is also six fly to particularly value them these military tactics superior's reason.

Come up to say from a certain degree, S and 3 Ds even still not equal to this combines.

Six flew to there is suddenly 1 kind feeling, he didn't know hereafter history will how develop, but Vesslan and Element probably is in his/her own the whole occupation careers, the strongest opponent.

Because they career between each other originally resemble.

Thought of here, six flew hurry branch to open a topic:"To, recent lead must how, hear you next war will at win the set squared S."

The chapter 113 principle collides with

Six fly, Vesslan, Element chat very happily, and a chat is more than 1 hour.

Along with conversation of thorough, three people's CS principles all give��ed the other party an earthquake to live.

Six fly of consciousness inside, the art of war is a military tactics, if in addition to opening the class military tactics in the entry-level, the so deluxe military tactics is the principle of "aim at, calculation, change more", this to Vesslan and Element, the demarcation of this kind of grade type isn't only fresh, but also the front didn't smell and really needed to describe for the words of Chinese special feature and rather said six fly a special feature.

The Vesslan principle tries to be practical very much, the whole around wear "economy" to launch, he feels CS all combats at is economy service, if a side person hears this words, probably he feels the entry-level military tactics that Vesslan, this stays around six to fly up, but six fly think not and like this, Vesslan actually is a sword goes wide Feng, is still that sentence"Be not afraid of thousand to recruit meeting, only afraid a recruit Jing", Vesslan if really developed this economic military tactics to extreme achievement, similar own to hugely kill to harm dint.

But the Element views is this evening six fly the biggest result.

CS influence all over each place in the world, the atmosphere and cultural difference of the region is actually the root reason that forms a different style to flow a parties.

Like Korean, the Korean pays attention to an efficiency and in brief orders to say, being a battle must receive actual effect, so this will beg style careful, doesn't person in East Asia is exactly so?Though Japan, Korea now return calculate third-grade four flow a troops.

Again like the United States, American culture emphasizes democracy, free, hence result in beautiful state contestant's specially liking to express himself/herself, take ego as center, hence North America appears a lot of cutthroat with the highest natural endowmentseses, but always make not is strong battleship.

Then, the troopses of Germany, these regions in England, Denmark and Sweden, their style again because the dissimilarity of cultural idea, but accomplished many different troopses to come out, even connect club and give or get an electric shock the operations of Jing organization, company all different.

The Element views really lets six fly is as shocked as Vesslan, these under of the thing is really what they have never thought.

Six fly to suddenly feel, Element why so multifariously turn will change employment, probably remarkable is the reason of the Hao door, and Element can become huge military tactics Jiang, this isn't accidental either.

However these are still of no account, make six disappointed of flyings most , still China.

Chinese, China fights a brigade, Chinese culture, what is its style again?Probably it basically has no style, because abroad, it connects to become people to talk that the qualificationses that anticipate all have no.

Don't know why, have been having a kind of emotion recently at six fly an in the mind to flow out, he cans not remember clearly, the way isn't clear, but this emotion is more and more strong, particularly a moment that vanquishes Mouz, he sees the persons like moxa Lin,etc brandish five planets red flag in the audience at table of time, this emotion very obvious.

"Probably have so for a day, I am to should return to."Six fly secretly from the language.

The cocktail party is still very noisy, the Alice doesn't know when and run to the 2 eazy to fight a brigade there, a few words spoken and then give��ed a star to recruit to come over, this person be front NIP famous general Ahl, Ahl seems to be very Mian Tian, however Alice this time to six fly a demonstration didn't show.

Because the hall inside appears a beauty of almost stunning whole field again at this time.

But any this kind of situation, really is a little bit like the felling that the casino escorts a treasure, time a long, come of celebrity and beauty more many, those aren't the person of contestant to always break his/her neck to want to take words with the stars, because the present and whichever person be all likely to be king in the sky who gain considerable fame world in the future, in the future will also show biz, advertisement turn these have a very great benefits hook and communicate much and more all beneficial to both parties.

Six fly have never seen thus stunning one side of moxa Lin, late packing of a nobility, set off super dust free from vulgarity delightfully fresh qualities, sit to the piano side, lightly play one song romantic United States , all present contestants were attracted to the moving note.

The song is over, her talented person slowly arrives at six flank of flyings.

This don't say for a while other contestants have more envy, connect Alice she has to admit, six fly this in former days schoolmate, the magic power is really big astonishing.

Once Vesslan see this power and know an interest of say:"Boon, another day chat, I first past, there the esu manager is still waiting me."

Element very naughtily to six flew to blink to blink eyes:"Your luck can really isn't general like."

Six fly to smile.

Follow with eyes these two people to leave, the moxa Lin just says with smile:"See to you chatting very happily."

Six fly to also say with smile:"See to you also come for a long time."

"That only is you chatted too with concentration with them, didn't notice the jollification of this cocktail party."

Six fly to take notice of at the moment hall is really already very noisy, these French the gentleman beauties are a rightness of to is right lightly moving to dance, indeed as expected wine a drink a courage strong.

Six fly to suddenly feel that oneself is very ill-mannered, however he is still a honest answer:"Boon, I naturally dance idiocy, can not keep you company, sorry."Finish saying, his path keeps to export to walk.

"Where do you go to?"The moxa Lin cross-examines.