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I call my self and my team Next Morning Google Ranker or Overnight Google Ranker. And people call me and us too. We help people, any people who want to rank their niche keywords or any keywords on Google Top whether he/she has a website. For those who has a website we promote their keywords Google TOP, and for those who has no a website, we make him/her a salespage on our own site to rank their keywords. Both are the same way to get imcome online.

I myself a Chinese, my personal name is Yan Xiaodong. You problely can't pronunce it well:) So mostly people who do not know Chinese call me Yan or Yanos. I am the team leader of Next-morning Google Ranker. My collaborators, co-workers are 11, they are Mike Williams from Austria, Dan Tanner from America, Christine Harper from UK, Sarah Genie from India, Vyacheslav from Russia...I am the only Chiense in the team:)

You are welcome to contact me via my personal contact infromation followings:

Yan S.
12O1 Dihao Building, Daping
Chongqing, P.R. China 400300
Phone: +86 18983839805
Skype: yarkwinter
WhatsApp:+86 18983839805

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